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Communities and associations      

Community groups such as sporting, cultural and social clubs, musical groups and other community associations play a valuable role in bringing people together to pursue common goals.

In some cases, disputes can arise within and between groups or associations. Common examples include:
  • Disagreement between the membership and the board of management about the running of the organisation or the goals and purpose of the organisation.

  • Disagreements about the financial management or financial priorities of the organisation.

  • Disagreements about the constitution of the organisation or the composition of the board.

  • Concerns that the association is excluding some stakeholders or being 'taken over' by others.

  • Competition between associations or groups for funding or membership.


Even where there are no formal associations or community groups involved, disputes can arise within communities that can affect whole families, groups of friends or neighbourhoods. These can involve feuds between different families or clans or disagreements within a neighbourhood about something that affects everything, like the effect of new development or business.

How CJC can help?

CJC mediation can help in some community disputes by giving the people involved an opportunity to talk to each other, be heard and consider ways of resolving the issues.

In other disputes, particularly where there are a lot of people involved, CJC can help by using a process such as conflict management. Conflict management is the overall management of a community dispute by a neutral third party whose role is to help the people in dispute work towards a resolution. To find out more, read a  story from our service about a community dispute.

Each conflict management process is tailored to the type of dispute and group involved. If you would like to talk about how CJC can help with your problem by providing conflict management services, please call us on 1800 990 777.

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Mediation stories

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Conflict management in a community
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