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How it works

CJC mediation is simple to arrange. Here is how it works:

Image of three neighbours arguing over their damaged common fence.  

If you have a dispute and can't or don't want to go to court ...

Image of a man on the phone.  

You can ask us to organise a free CJC mediation session by calling 1800 990 777.

Image of a CJC staff member on the phone.  

We will talk to you about your situation and tell you about our service. If we think mediation could work for you and you want to go ahead, we will contact the other person or people in the dispute and invite them to mediation.

Image of three neighbours at their damaged common fence.
We will wait to hear from the other person or people in the dispute. We will answer any questions they have and arrange a mediation if they agree. We will set up the mediation at a time and place that suits everyone.

Image of three neighbours in a mediation.  

At mediation, everyone will be able to have their say and talk about ways of resolving the problem. The CJC mediators will help you communicate about the issues and write up any agreement you reach.

Image of neighbours shaking hands after their mediation.
On average 80% of CJC mediations result in agreement. You've got nothing to lose!