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CJC publications

CJC produces brochures and fact sheets in English and has translated material in 20 community languages.

Annual reports and policy documents can be found in policy documents and tabled documents.

CJC also produces publications for mediators, on accreditation and aspects of mediation work.

Some popular CJC publications include: Dealing with a Dispute? [PDF 4170 KB] and Blewin'? [PDF 5323 KB] and a booklet on preparing for mediation [Accessible DOCX 430 KB] .

Please contact CJC for a colour copy of these publications (covers shown below).      

Brochure cover - Dealing with a dispute Brochure cover - Blewin'?

You can bulk order the following using CJC's publications order form [Accessible DOCX 64 KB]:

  • Dealing with a Dispute? brochures, posters and postcard fridge magnets.
  • Blewin? brochures and posters.
  • Preparing for mediation booklet.

Other useful publications

Your Guide to Dispute Resolution, is a publication by the National Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Council.