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Mediation venues                


Mediations can be held at a venue near you. CJC offers mediation in venues throughout NSW, including in CJC offices, courthouses, community centres and libraries. To find out the mediation venue nearest to you, please contact CJC.


Most of our venues are accessible to everyone, however please let us know if you have particular access needs (for example, if you need wheelchair access).


To avoid disruptions to the mediation, please make sure you park in a place where your vehicle can be left for around four hours. If you need to move it, please ask the mediators for a break.


There are no childminding facilities at any mediation venues. Please make other arrangements for your children, as mediation is not a suitable environment for them.


If you need a meal break, please ask the mediators. Meals and other refreshments are not provided so you will need to make your own arrangements.

Mediation times

Mediation sessions are generally held during office hours - that is, between 9 am and 5 pm weekdays. It is sometimes possible to hold your mediation session after hours, or on the weekend. This can only be done by special arrangement, and requests for out of hours mediation cannot always be accommodated. CJC can give you more information about whether it is possible in your situation.