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For referring agencies

We welcome referrals. Many organisations refer people involved in disputes to us. If the matter is urgent, a mediation date may be arranged very quickly - CJC does not have waiting lists.

There are several ways you can refer clients to us, depending on the situation and the individual needs of the client. You can fill out a referral form on behalf of your client, or pass on CJC fact sheets and brochures or contact details for your client to contact CJC directly. You can also give the client a self-referral form [Accessible DOCx 62 KB] to fill out and return to us.

Fill out a referral form

Ask the client to give you permission to give us their name, contact details and a brief description of the issues in dispute. Only give the details of the person when you have spoken to them and obtained consent. Fill out the appropriate referral form and forward it to us by fax, email or post. If the person you are referring is with you, we can speak to them directly.


Pass on fact sheets and brochures

Explain a little about our service and suggest they telephone us for more information. You can contact us to obtain copies of our brochures, fact sheets or preparing for mediation booklet or they our fact sheets and brochures can be downloaded directly from this website.    

Pass on our contact details

Provide the person or people with our contact details and ask them to contact us directly.

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