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Money and debt

Disputes involving debts and money can include disagreements with another person, business or company about things like:

  • An unpaid invoice or account.

  • Rent arrears.

  • Work or goods supplied.

  • Money lent and not repaid.

  • Wages owing.

  • IOUs.

  • Dishonoured cheques.

  • Money owing from an accident or damage to property or goods.   

CJC regularly mediates disputes involving money and debts and can help people involved in the dispute to reach agreements that benefit everyone involved.

For legal information about money and debts, see  LawAccess or call 1300 888 529.

Image of two people arguing.

Mediation stories

Anton and Shanika
Shanika says her father Anton gave her some money as a gift, but now he claims it was a loan.

Car dealership and recruitment agency
The recruitment agent is angry that the car dealership isn't paying what they owe.