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Sarah and Carmela                


Sarah and Carmela were year 12 students at the same school.  They often had arguments and, one lunchtime during an argument, Sarah yelled at Carmela for spreading rumours about her and threw a drink in her face in front of a group of other students. The school suggested they try mediation at CJC.
Sarah and Carmela each brought a parent to support them at mediation. With the help of the mediatiors, Sarah and Carmela were able to discuss how they felt. The parents didn't speak for their daughters but observed quietly in the session and gave support outside the mediation room where required.

Through the mediation, Sarah and Carmela resolved some misunderstandings about who was responsible for the rumours and Carmela was able to tell Sarah she had felt embarrassed and humiliated when a drink was thrown over her in front of her friends. Sarah apologised for throwing the drink and for some of the assumptions she had made about Carmela. Carmela apologised for a few things she had said without thinking and acknowledged she had hurt Sarah as well. They then discussed and agreed on how they would resolve issues between them if they arose in the future - by talking through them in person and coming back to mediation if necessary.







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