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What is mediation?                  

Community Justice Centres (CJC) provides free mediation services throughout NSW.

Mediation is an informal, problem-solving process in which an impartial person (a mediator) helps people with a dispute come together to reach an agreement everyone can live with. Thousands of people use mediation services every year to talk about their disputes and reach a solution.

CJC mediation is run by impartial, trained mediators. The mediators don't take sides, or make a decision about a dispute. Their role is to make sure each person has a chance to have their say, keep the discussion on track, and help you come to an agreement wherever possible. CJC mediation:

  • Is free.

  • Has no waiting lists.

  • Is held in a venue near you.

  • Lets everyone have their say.

  • Is confidential.

  • Is more likely to preserve the relationships of the people involved in the conflict.

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