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Business and consumers

CJ can help with disputes involving businesses and consumers by providing mediation services. Most of the disputes CJC deals with involve small businesses, and CJC will check the size and complexity of the dispute to make sure it is appropriate for the CJC mediation process. Disputes involving small businesses and consumers can include:

  • Supply of goods.
  • Provision of services.
  • Loans of money or goods.
  • Dissolution of a partnership or business.
  • Work and labour done.
  • Breaches of contract.
  • Sale of land.
  • Negligence in performance of duties.
  • Retail rental and tenancy disputes.

CJC mediation has many advantages over court for small business disputes. It is often cheaper and faster and can help maintain ongoing business relationships.

For legal information about disputes involving businesses and consumers, see  LawAccess or call 1300 888 529.


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Edwin and Alan
Edwin hired Alan to sand his floorboards, but doesn't think Alan fulfilled the terms of their agreement.