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Security and safety                


At CJC, your safety, the safety of our mediators, and the safety of others, is very important. For this reason, CJC will carefully consider whether mediation is suitable and appropriate in each case.

We will ask you about any concerns you have about your safety, or the safety of others. It is important that you speak honestly about any safety concerns you may have, so that we can make the right arrangements.

If you have safety concerns, CJC can make appropriate arrangements. For example:

  • The mediation can be held at a venue with a high level of security, normally a courthouse, during business hours.

  • You may be able to mediate by telephone rather than in the same room as the other person or people in the dispute.

  • If there is enough room at the venue, it may be possible to arrange 'shuttle mediation', in which the people involved in the dispute stay in different rooms and the mediator talks to each of them in turn.

In some cases, CJC may not be able to arrange a mediation session due to fears about safety. If this happens, we will discuss other options with you and may give you referrals to other organisations.

If safety concerns arise during the mediation, the mediators can end the session at any time. You or anyone else taking part in the mediation can also end the session at any time.

Mediation is generally a confidential process. However, CJC staff and mediators have a duty to report to the Department of Family and Community Services if they have reason to believe that a child is at risk of serious harm.

CJC may also contact the police if necessary to prevent or minimise the danger of injury to a person or damage to property.