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We regularly help people resolve a wide range of disputes.

Neighbours: we mediate disputes about fences, trees, noise, animals, privacy and access to property.

Family, relationships and children:  we help families deal with disputes including disputes between parents and children, brothers, sisters, cousins and grandparents.

Business and consumers: we mediate disputes between business and customers, business and contractors about things like quality of products or work or payments due.

Money and debt: we mediate between people who owe or are owed money from business relationships, accidents involving damage to motor vehicles or personal property.

Communities and associations: we mediate between people with social relationships, for example friends and community members; or disputes between people involved in community groups, for example in social clubs, sporting groups, charities, and associations of people involved in music and the arts.

And many more: contact CJC to see if your dispute is suitable for mediation.

Image of a couple at mediation.