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Why try mediation?               

CJC mediation provides a safe and informal environment where people can talk to each other and sort out problems. Around 79% of CJC clients reach an agreement. Mediation with CJC:

  • Is free and you don't need a lawyer.

  • Is quick - much faster than going to court.

  • Is a positive process that focuses on keeping relationships as good as possible.

  • Makes sure everyone gets a chance to have their say and to be listened to by others.

  • Helps people understand each others' needs and feelings.

  • Can look at many different parts of the problem, not just the legal issues.

  • Encourages creative problem-solving that everyone can be part of.

There's nothing to lose

Even if it's not possible to reach agreement on everything, mediation can help everyone involved understand the issues and see things from the other person's point of view. This can improve relationships and may lead to some agreement at a later time. Mediation works because it helps people commit to the decision making process and the outcome.