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Matt and Yasmin

Yasmin and Matt, a married couple, came to mediation because they were having constant, fierce arguments, mostly about dividing up domestic chores. It had become so bad they thought they might have to break up.

At the mediation, some time was spent going over the domestic routine to see if an agreement could be reached on rebalancing domestic duties, however it turned out their positions had become too entrenched to be able to compromise much. Yasmin complained that Matt watched TV after work and at weekends while she ran the household as well as doing paid work. Matt said his work exhausted him and he needed to relax when he got home and not be harassed or shouted at.

Yasmin and Matt mentioned they had tried counselling and also fought about what they had been told by the counsellor. It turned out each of them had been to different counsellors and heard different things. To address this Yasmin and Matt agreed to see the same counsellor together to try and work things out. They also agreed to return to mediation again if necessary.