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About CJC    


Community Justice Centres (CJC) provide free mediation to help people solve disagreements (or resolve disputes) without going to court. We also provide other alternative dispute resolution services tailored to help people solve conflicts.

Our services are confidential, easy to use and voluntary. We also accept mandatory court referrals. There are no waiting lists and we provide services throughout NSW. We are funded by the NSW Government as part of the Department of Communities and Justice.

We are governed by the Community Justices Centres Act 1983 (NSW).

Facts and figures 2018-19

Number of new enquiries CJC received? 9764

How many mediations did CJC arrange? 1167

What proportion of mediations resulted in agreement and resolution by parties?

  • Non-court referred matters = 82% resolved
  • Court referred matters = 70% resolved
  • Neighbourhood disputes = 81% resolved
  • Family disputes = 60% resolved
  • Separated couple = 94% resolved
  • Landlord/tenant disputes = 70% resolved
  • Workplace disputes = 61% resolved
  • Organisations, clubs, associations = 78% resolved
  • Other business/commercial disputes = 65% resolved

Frequency of dispute types (highest to lowest)

  • Neighbours
  • Business
  • Social
  • Family
  • Spouse/Partner
  • Organisation/club/association
  • Workplace
  • Landlord/tenant

Most frequent referrers (highest to lowest)

  • Private citizen
  • Courts and Tribunals
  • Local Council
  • Legal Practitioners and services
  • State Government (other)
  • Police

What clients say about CJC after attending mediation

  • 94% were satisfied with the assistance CJC provided in resolving their dispute
  • 98% found the staff and mediators helpful and courteous
  • 79% said mediation with CJC helped with their situation
  • 94% said CJC mediators understood their concerns
  • 98% stated they felt they were able to have their say in mediation
  • 88% stated they were provided with useful information before the mediation
  • 84% would use CJC again
  • 92% would recommend CJC to others

Number of people CJC assisted? 

Over 12,000

How long from first enquiry until a mediation occurs? 

77% of matters resulted in mediation within 60-days of first contact from at least one party to the dispute.

Number of calls to CJC freecall 1800 line? 

29,320 (does not include any other inward modes of contact)

Number of searches on CJC website? 


How many mediators were engaged by CJC? 

Over 90 mediators located throughout NSW

How many staff does CJC employ? 

Up to 20 (all frontline staff are trained mediators)