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​​​Welcome to Community Justice Centres (CJC)​

Are you dealing with a dispute? CJC can help.​

Disputes can arise in many areas of life - whether it's a misunderstanding with a neighbour over a fence, a disagreement between you and a family member, conflict in your workplace, or a dispute over debt. CJC is:  

​- Free 
- No waiting lists
- W
hen convenient
- Making your own decisions.
​- Informal
- Quick and timely
- Where convenient  
​- Confidential 
- Voluntary
- Professional                                       

​​People reach agreement in 75% of mediations. 

       Your dispute is about...        

NeighboursImage of two men shaking hands.

Fami​ly, relationships and children

Work and employment

Business and consumers

Money and debt

Communities and associations

 Community languages fact sheets    

Visit our publications section for more information and our community languages fact sheets. You can also call the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 13 14 50.

Link to CJC fact sheets in Community Languages including Arabic Bosnian Chinese Croatian Filpino German Greek Italian Khmer Korean Lao Macedonian Maltese Polish Portuguese Russian Serbian Spanish Turkish Vietnamese

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander program 

We have a program dedicated to helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people solve their disagreements using CJC mediation services. 

Our Aboriginal mediators can help you talk to each other and work it out, but won't take sides or make any decisions for you.

Fact sheets, brochures and information about CJC

We have produced helpful fact sheets and brochures about how mediation can help you resolve your dispute, and about our service.

We have some community language fact sheets. Contact us if you require information in alternative formats.