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About CJC    


Community Justice Centres (CJC) provide free mediation to help people solve disagreements (or resolve disputes) without going to court. We also provide other alternative dispute resolution services tailored to help people solve conflicts.

Our services are confidential, easy to use and voluntary. We also accept mandatory court referrals. There are no waiting lists and we provide services throughout NSW. We are funded by the NSW Government as part of the Department of Justice.

Facts and figures 2013-2014

  • How many cases were opened? 4403
  • How many mediations were held? 1512
  • What proportion of mediations end in settlement? 79%
  • How many mediators were employed? 172
  • How many staff were employed? Up to 25
  • How many cases were finalised within 30 days? 67%
  • How many cases were finalised within 60 days? 85%

We are governed by the Community Justices Centres Act 1983 (NSW).